6 yr old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

This was a very cozy, intimate party with 5 princesses. Sleeping Beauty was grilled with princess questions.  One of the princesses shared with everyone that she had a pet snake name Medusa.  Another princess modeled her beautiful wild red curly princess hair for everyone.  Rapunzel was the birthday girl’s favorite princess.  These princesses were over[…]

4 Year Old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

“Where do you live?” “ In a castle.” “Did you hear that, she lives in a castle!” Moms all showed that they loved to dance at this party and they danced with all of the princes and princesses and even danced Gangham style.  One prince showed us all of the moves:  disco moves, crab walk,[…]

Three Year Old Birthday Party with Cinderella

Despite feeling under the weather, the birthday girl was very sociable and personable.  Her mother had been afraid that her birthday party would have to be postponed, but the birthday girl made a remarkable recovery for her special day (which Cinderella couldn’t be more excited about). Cinderella was greeted at the door by the birthday[…]