How to Make your own Sleeping Beauty Princess Necklace

Wanting to make your own Sleeping Beauty Princess necklace?  Please note that these necklaces are not intended for children to wear or make. I have been meaning to add this post for a while, and here it finally is to help any who would like to tackle this project.  So far, I have made two[…]

Cinderella Attends the Acadia Community Collective

Cinderella was invited to help celebrate the Acadia Community Collective held in the parking lot of Ten Thousand Villages in Calgary.  There were many fun activities, booths to visit, and food to sample!    Cinderella had many pictures taken at the event and she found out all about the great things that can be found throughout the[…]

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel Birthday Party

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel went to a fabulous party!  The birthday girl who was celebrating her 5th birthday was dressed as Sleeping beauty and her sister was dressed as Rapunzel. Instead of playing in the rain, the birthday party was held in a lovely gym at the Auburn Bay Community Centre.  The gym was[…]