Cinderella and Snow White in Kananaskis

Cinderella and Snow White made it to Kananaskis despite the extreme cold, a weather warning, and the RCMP cautioning people not to use the highways.  It was a slow going ride in the carriage but completely worth it! Cinderella and Snow White were invited to face paint at a spectacular family party in Kananaskis.  There[…]

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel Birthday Party

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel went to a fabulous party!  The birthday girl who was celebrating her 5th birthday was dressed as Sleeping beauty and her sister was dressed as Rapunzel. Instead of playing in the rain, the birthday party was held in a lovely gym at the Auburn Bay Community Centre.  The gym was[…]

Westwinds Music Society 25th Anniversary Celebration

FairyTalePrincessParty and Valentine the facepainter were invited back this year to entertain kids at the Westwinds Music Society Summer Festival.  This year, the celebration was extra special as this was Westwinds 25th anniversary!  Princess Snow White raved about the event last year, so Princess Beauty from Beauty and Beast made sure that she didn’t miss the[…]

Three Year Old Birthday Party with Cinderella

Despite feeling under the weather, the birthday girl was very sociable and personable.  Her mother had been afraid that her birthday party would have to be postponed, but the birthday girl made a remarkable recovery for her special day (which Cinderella couldn’t be more excited about). Cinderella was greeted at the door by the birthday[…]

Snow White Face Painting Party

Snow White was THRILLED to go to a 3-year old birthday party.  Generally not invited to parties nearly as often as her blonde princess girlfriends, Snow White was very excited to not only attend a party, but to also delight the princes and princesses with facepainting!  When Snow White arrived at the birthday girl’s castle,[…]

Princess Cinderella at Face Painting Birthday Party

Princess Cinderella had the delight of being invited to a 2nd year old princess party yesterday for a VERY mature 2 year old who was as cute as a button and enthusiastic about everything.  When the birthday girl walked into the living room,  Cinderella was greeted with the biggest smile and a GREAT BIG hug. […]

Balloon Twisting at Make-a-Wish Foundation Celebration

What a celebration! The sun did not show itself, and the dark grey clouds threatened rain, but the weather held the whole time for Make-a-Wish Foundation’s event. It had been rainy for days, so the grass was green, long and a little damp, but everyone had a great time! Far North in the new Calgary[…]