Fairy Tale Princess Party part of a very special birthday celebration

Thanks to all of you to let us know that Fairy Tale Princess Party was on the second page of the Calgary Herald today! Fairy Tale Princess Party was fortunate to participate in a very special celebration organized by friends for a beautiful princess’ birthday. Please check out the wonderful article written about the sudden[…]

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel Birthday Party

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel went to a fabulous party!  The birthday girl who was celebrating her 5th birthday was dressed as Sleeping beauty and her sister was dressed as Rapunzel. Instead of playing in the rain, the birthday party was held in a lovely gym at the Auburn Bay Community Centre.  The gym was[…]

Father’s Day Birthday Party

With unpredictable story weather, it was a happy surprise to have beautiful perfect weather for a 4 year old girl’s birthday party. From the moment the birthday girl opened the front door to reveal Cinderella at her door step to the end of the party,  it was nothing but oodles of fun.  The birthday girl’s[…]

4 Year Old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

“Where do you live?” “ In a castle.” “Did you hear that, she lives in a castle!” Moms all showed that they loved to dance at this party and they danced with all of the princes and princesses and even danced Gangham style.  One prince showed us all of the moves:  disco moves, crab walk,[…]

Three Year Old Birthday Party with Cinderella

Despite feeling under the weather, the birthday girl was very sociable and personable.  Her mother had been afraid that her birthday party would have to be postponed, but the birthday girl made a remarkable recovery for her special day (which Cinderella couldn’t be more excited about). Cinderella was greeted at the door by the birthday[…]

Snow White Face Painting Party

Snow White was THRILLED to go to a 3-year old birthday party.  Generally not invited to parties nearly as often as her blonde princess girlfriends, Snow White was very excited to not only attend a party, but to also delight the princes and princesses with facepainting!  When Snow White arrived at the birthday girl’s castle,[…]

Princess Cinderella at Face Painting Birthday Party

Princess Cinderella had the delight of being invited to a 2nd year old princess party yesterday for a VERY mature 2 year old who was as cute as a button and enthusiastic about everything.  When the birthday girl walked into the living room,  Cinderella was greeted with the biggest smile and a GREAT BIG hug. […]

A Surprise Princess Birthday Party

This was the first time that Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid had been invited to a surprise princess birthday party!  The birthday girl was dressed in a BEAUTIFUL pink gown, sporting a princess crown and a princess sash.  We can only imagine the ruse that was played on her to execute the surprise:  “Honey,[…]

A very busy day indeed!

The day started with a very fun princess and superhero birthday party at Joso’s.  This was the birthday girl’s 3rd birthday and she had invited all of her little friends from daycare.  If you’re not familiar with the layout at Calgary’s Joso’s and what they have to offer, it has a FABULOUS play structure for the kids[…]

Princess Little Mermaid Facepainting Birthday Party

A princess party!  Princess Little Mermaid was very excited to be part of a 5 year old princess birthday party in Calgary.  The birthday girl was a perfect princess and made sure that all of her guests felt welcome during the whole celebration.  All of the guests were dressed in their finest dresses and the[…]

4-yr Old Birthday Party and Gisele Came to Visit

Princess Cinderella was invited to a 4-yr old birthday today!  She was so excited to meet all of the princesses at the party.  Since it was raining, the party was indoors, but that didn’t put a damper on the party at all!  We played games, had puppetry, storytelling and some impromptu magic from Cinderella’s fairy[…]