Princess Characters and Prince at the Rainbow Society Daddy's Little Sweetheart Ball at the Carriage House Inn

Rainbow Society Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball 2016

Entering the breathtaking ballroom with their dads, the little girls were amazed to find so much fun for them at the Rainbow Society’s Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball this year.  This is Fairy Tale Princess Party’s third year sponsoring the event.  There was facepainting, balloon twisting, hair bling, crafts and interactive princess and prince characters for[…]

Cinderella at the Make-A-Wish Wonderland of Wishes 2013

Cinderella was delighted to be invited to this fun family winter holiday party for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She wore her matching Make-A-Wish blue gown for the event.  There were fun things to do for everyone in the family. There was bowling, fishing, a photo booth with lots of fun accessories:  mustaches, gorilla hands, boxing gloves,[…]

Cinderella and Snow White in Kananaskis

Cinderella and Snow White made it to Kananaskis despite the extreme cold, a weather warning, and the RCMP cautioning people not to use the highways.  It was a slow going ride in the carriage but completely worth it! Cinderella and Snow White were invited to face paint at a spectacular family party in Kananaskis.  There[…]

Cinderella Attends the Acadia Community Collective

Cinderella was invited to help celebrate the Acadia Community Collective held in the parking lot of Ten Thousand Villages in Calgary.  There were many fun activities, booths to visit, and food to sample!    Cinderella had many pictures taken at the event and she found out all about the great things that can be found throughout the[…]

Father’s Day Birthday Party

With unpredictable story weather, it was a happy surprise to have beautiful perfect weather for a 4 year old girl’s birthday party. From the moment the birthday girl opened the front door to reveal Cinderella at her door step to the end of the party,  it was nothing but oodles of fun.  The birthday girl’s[…]

Cochrane Children’s Festival

Princess Cinderella was elated to be invited to partake in all of the fun at Cochrane’s Family and Children’s Festival.  The festival was bursting with activities to entertain everyone.  There were jugglers, facepainters, a blue-haired beautiful princess from Candy Land, bouncy castles, an art station featuring marbling and painting and a bunny obstacle course demo complete[…]

Three Year Old Birthday Party with Cinderella

Despite feeling under the weather, the birthday girl was very sociable and personable.  Her mother had been afraid that her birthday party would have to be postponed, but the birthday girl made a remarkable recovery for her special day (which Cinderella couldn’t be more excited about). Cinderella was greeted at the door by the birthday[…]

Princess Cinderella at Face Painting Birthday Party

Princess Cinderella had the delight of being invited to a 2nd year old princess party yesterday for a VERY mature 2 year old who was as cute as a button and enthusiastic about everything.  When the birthday girl walked into the living room,  Cinderella was greeted with the biggest smile and a GREAT BIG hug. […]

A very busy day indeed!

The day started with a very fun princess and superhero birthday party at Joso’s.  This was the birthday girl’s 3rd birthday and she had invited all of her little friends from daycare.  If you’re not familiar with the layout at Calgary’s Joso’s and what they have to offer, it has a FABULOUS play structure for the kids[…]

Halloween at Northland Village Mall

The Princesses Snow White and Cinderella discovered that Northland Village Mall is the place to be on Halloween.     Store staff at the mall handed out candy and treats to all of the kids dressed up in their Hallowe’en costume and it seemed like all of the kids in Calgary were there as there[…]

Summer Family Picnic with a Princess in Rubber Boots

Princess Cinderella went to a summer picnic today!  It had rained all week, so she came prepared for soggy ground with pretty rubber boots; it was a little chilly too so she came with a sweater, scarf and shawl!  There was lots of entertainment for the kids from fuze ENTERTAINMENT:  a magician, Spiderman, and two[…]

4-yr Old Birthday Party and Gisele Came to Visit

Princess Cinderella was invited to a 4-yr old birthday today!  She was so excited to meet all of the princesses at the party.  Since it was raining, the party was indoors, but that didn’t put a damper on the party at all!  We played games, had puppetry, storytelling and some impromptu magic from Cinderella’s fairy[…]