How to Make your own Sleeping Beauty Princess Necklace

Wanting to make your own Sleeping Beauty Princess necklace?  Please note that these necklaces are not intended for children to wear or make. I have been meaning to add this post for a while, and here it finally is to help any who would like to tackle this project.  So far, I have made two[…]

Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel Birthday Party

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel went to a fabulous party!  The birthday girl who was celebrating her 5th birthday was dressed as Sleeping beauty and her sister was dressed as Rapunzel. Instead of playing in the rain, the birthday party was held in a lovely gym at the Auburn Bay Community Centre.  The gym was[…]

6 yr old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

This was a very cozy, intimate party with 5 princesses. Sleeping Beauty was grilled with princess questions.  One of the princesses shared with everyone that she had a pet snake name Medusa.  Another princess modeled her beautiful wild red curly princess hair for everyone.  Rapunzel was the birthday girl’s favorite princess.  These princesses were over[…]

4 Year Old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

“Where do you live?” “ In a castle.” “Did you hear that, she lives in a castle!” Moms all showed that they loved to dance at this party and they danced with all of the princes and princesses and even danced Gangham style.  One prince showed us all of the moves:  disco moves, crab walk,[…]

A Surprise Princess Birthday Party

This was the first time that Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid had been invited to a surprise princess birthday party!  The birthday girl was dressed in a BEAUTIFUL pink gown, sporting a princess crown and a princess sash.  We can only imagine the ruse that was played on her to execute the surprise:  “Honey,[…]

23rd Avenue Artwalk and Street Celebration

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid were thrilled to get another invitation to a Calgary tea party.   This time, the tea party was outdoor on a front lawn on 23rd Avenue in historic Ramsay with beautiful century-old castles (you know the kind that are about 100 years old found in the central regions of Calgary). […]

Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty at Ten Thousand Villages South Princess Tea Party

What happens when the princesses Lttle Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty go to a princess tea sampling party?  Well, it’s an afternoon of fun!  Little princesses were dressed in their finest gowns as everyone sat on luxiurious fair trade carpets and pillows to sample cold and hot teas from around the world, all provided by Calgary’s Ten Thousand[…]

Princesses in the 100th year Stampede Pre-Parade

Yahoo!  Princess Cinderella and Princess Sleeping Beauty were so excited to take part of the 100th year of the Calgary Stampede.  Never having had the chance to be part of the Calgary Stampede parade, this was a really big event for the princesses and the fact that it was the 100th year made it even[…]