Apple Princess

Apple Princess sitting in her ball gown on the Calgary grass
“My daughter’s 4th birthday was a complete success! She had the Apple Princess attend her party and all the children were thrilled! She did a wonderful job keeping the kids entertained and made [my daughter]’s day extra special!”
“It was amazing!!  Seriously, she was wonderful.  I was so thrilled by all the activities she had, and the lovely manner that she had with the children.  There were a lot of them and she was so patient, kind and sweet.  All my adult helpers (my mom, my sister, my sister in law and my day home lady) were charmed as well.  Me too!  We all got tear-y when she showed up at the door!!  Seriously.  We have all been talking about how wonderful the time was.  My daughter was so happy, and hasn’t stopped talking about it.  It was a marvelous party because of the lovely Apple Princess. “
“The Apple Princess was fabulous.  She is incredible, she had their attention captured for the entire time!  Our daughter and our friends had such an amazing time.  Please let her know that our daughter loved the caterpillar activity!  Please also thank her again!  It was more than I expected.”
“We were delighted to have the Apple Princess over and it all went very well. Kids loved dancing and parents were raving. The games and story telling were fun too.  I will surely be recommending your services to all my friends. I have uploaded pics on facebook.  Count us as one of your happy and satisfied clients.”
“It was fabulous! The girls and the mommies just loved it. The princess handled herself wonderfully from the moment she arrived to the moment she gracefully disentangled herself from awestruck 4 year olds and camera crazy mothers! I will highly recommend her to my friends and it was well worth it! I loved the interactiveness and it was just the right amount of time for this age group.”
“The experience was amazing.  The kids had the time of their little lives.    The princess was so good and did an unbelievable job.   You’re going to get a lot of business from our area for sure.  Thank the princess again for us please.  She was amazing. “