Forest Fairy

“The Forest Fairy was the perfect surprise for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She had the girls entertained the entire hour and ensured my daughter felt extra special. I had heard great reviews before booking and she exceeded my expectations! All the parents commented about what a wonderful birthday this was, and followed up later into the evening that their daughters were still talking about Forest Fairy. My daughter woke up this morning still talking about her. I will certainly recommend Fairy Tale Princess Party to anyone looking for a unique birthday experience.”
“The party was amazing!  Everyone loved the Forest Fairy.  She did a great job entertaining the kids and [my daughter] talks about her all the time now.  Thanks so much!  We will definitely recommend you to our friends. “
“The fairy was a big hit.  The kids loved her.  Most of the kids asked her if she could also come to their birthday party.  One mom asked for your contact information.  We are very happy that we decided to invite the Forest Fairy over to [our daughter’s] birthday party. [Our daughter] was very happy and really enjoyed her party.  I have nothing to say but great things about it.  We have seen a princess come to a friend’s bday party, but the Forest Fairy far exceeds what we have seen at that party. The Forest Fairy interacted so well with the kids and got them all well engaged. Thanks again.”
“The Forest Fairy was invited to my 3 year old granddaughter’s birthday party yesterday and I wanted to let you know how it went.
I was so impressed with the Forest Fairy!  She kept the kids entertained and engaged for the whole time.  They were able to join in or not as they wanted, but mostly they were drawn in. The stories and games were fun for all, the adults enjoyed seeing the kids so engaged.  She managed to create loud and exciting fun and then calm it down so that kids did not get too wound up.
It was especially heart warming to see my granddaughter so enjoy her party.  She looked at the fairy with awe and love in her eyes. Thank you to the Forest Fairy for coming to the party and making it special for everyone.”
“The party was amazing! I was so impressed with the Forest Fairy that came. She had all of the kids entertained and they all loved it! [My daughter] is still talking about everything the Forest Fairy did and how happy she was that she came.  I have been recommending your company to everyone I know because it was so fantastic! I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but my expectations were blown away! [My daughter] was so amazed! There was definitely magic in the air on Saturday! I might have the Forest Fairy visit [my daughter] in the hospital once she has her surgery too. I think it would be good for her spirit! Thank you so much. “
“Everything was great. [My daughter] was very excited to meet the Forest Fairy, touch her wings and play games. All the kids enjoyed the activities and had fun. I was impressed with her professionalism and also that she was able to manage different aged kids and entertain all of them.  [My daughter] is already talking about having the Forest Fairy for her next birthday.  Thank you, the party turned out great.”
“The Forest Fairy was fantastic.  My daughter and all her guests had an amazing time.  She was engaging and kept their attention the entire time.  We had her party at our beach and I had ordered a very cute bouquet of balloons that my daughter picked out herself.  When we arrived and I was setting up for her party I hadn’t secured them properly yet to the weight and the wind caught them and they all blew away.  [My daughter] was so upset and I felt terrible.  She asked if Forest Fairy may see them on her flight in to her party and bring them back, I was so heartbroken.  I texted the Forest Fairy and asked her if at all possible to bring her a balloon upon arrival.  She showed up with a cute balloon and [my daughter] was thrilled.  It is still tied to her bike over a week later! She was perfect and you have also been very helpful in coordinating all the special details.  Thank you and to the Forest Fairy for making [my daughter’s] 5th birthday so memorable!”
“The Forest Fairy was AMAZING!!! and worth every penny! She was stunning…to be honest I was worried because sometimes the pictures aren’t as good as they actually are in real life, but she was even better in person. She was also so incredible with the kids- she was organized and charming she made sure everyone felt special. I love that she was able to keep them so engaged for the full hour (very impressive!) she had songs, games and activities. She even offered every child a sticker. ALSO what a special touch by giving [my daughter] a gift. I honestly can’t say enough good things…my entire family and friends were so blown away. Thank you so very much for making [my daughter’s] 5th birthday so special. It was pure magic!”
“The party was wonderful and the Forest Fairy was absolutely perfect!!!! She really did an amazing job. We were all so happy with her performance. Again just as last year all the moms were so impressed and asked where i booked her from. It made my daughters 4th birthday extra special. Thank you so much!!!!”
“Sorry for the slow response – just back from vacation.  The fairy performer was amazing.  We were as impressed with the level of engagement the performer brought this year as we were last year.  [My daughter] is still telling anyone she sees about her special guest.”
“Thank you! The party was excellent. All of the children really enjoyed it and my daughter cant stop talking about it. The next morning she had to go to the front door to check to see if the Forest Fairy was coming back. Thanks again. “
“It was awesome! The Forest Fairy was amazing and captured the kids attention for the entire hour! Very very impressed!!”