Ice Queen

Ice Queen not letting the cold get to her in Calgary
“We’d like to extend a HUGE thanks for the Ice Queen appearance at our daughter’s birthday. She was a huge hit with the kids and parents alike. She did an amazing job of keeping the kids engaged and was very patient with our guests. We were absolutely impressed. Our daughter, of course, was over the moon, from seeing the Ice Queen walk up the front sidewalk all the way through to the special gift at the end.  So many of our friends asked where we found the Ice Queen so I’ve already passed your contact information on to several other parents 🙂 Thank you as well for being so responsive and helpful throughout the whole process!  Here’s a video we captured of the Ice Queen arriving: “
“It was amazing, and the Ice Queen was fantastic! I think it beat Christmas. Absolutely wonderful.  Thank you.  My only complaint is what the heck am I going to do when she turns 5?! A petting zoo?! Haha..”
“I’d like to let you know that we had the most amazing time with the Ice Queen today! The girls could not get enough of her and everyone enjoyed every second that she was here! Definitely lots of fun for the kids and we as parents were impressed by her professionalism, punctuality and a variety of fun activities that took place. Lots of girls made sure to invite her to their own birthday parties (and we’ll make sure to pass along your contact information to their parents).  Thank you so much for providing such wonderful services!”
“My daughter had an amazing time at her bday.  The Ice Queen was very good with the kids and always made sure to make the activity special for [my daughter] by holding her hand or standing next to her (which for a 4 yr old is very important!). She did a great job on the face painting and made sure to stay until everyone was done!! My daughter loved the gift and has mentioned it everyday since.  I’m sure she will treasure it for a long time. My daughter has been asking me to send pictures to the Ice Queen since she left- as she wants the Ice Harvester and the Snowman to see them lol, so needless to say she had all the kids convinced she was the real Ice Queen.” 
“We loved our princess party and will be sure to recommend you to all our friends- a bunch of the moms who’s kids attended have already wrote all over Facebook about how much fun their kids had at [my daughter]’s party!!  Thank you and the Ice Queen for everything.”
“We had a great time with the Ice Queen. Our daughter loved the characters at her birthday party.  An absolute A+!”
“Thank you Ice Queen, you were absolutely AMAZING. Both kids and parents were talking about how wonderful you are. Our daughter had the best birthday party thanks to you. Also, the face painting was icing on the cake.”
“Wow what a wonderful party! The Ice Queen and Snow Princess were amazing and the kids loved them. We were very impressed! Everything from the entry to games and face painting was a hit. Thanks for making this one of our favourite birthdays!”
“I have to tell you that we absolutely LOVED the Ice Queen and Snow Princess that came to [our daughter]’s bday party!! They did a fabulous job, they kept the kids thoroughly entertained and they all had a great time!”
“I first have to say a huge thank you to you guys! The party was a big success and everyone had such an amazing time. Your performer was incredible, so kind and so sweet! Everyone was mesmerized and just in awe of her. [My daughter] had the best time ever and I keep hearing from my friends that their kiddos also can’t stop talking about how fun it was. When I got the phone call that she had parked, I had all the kids sit in the living room and close their eyes and had her walk in. They were so shocked! And then super excited. All of the games, dancing, face painting – it was all amazing. Our sincerest thank you so much to you and her!!”
“It was very good! The kids had a blast and enjoyed every minute. It was way better then I expected. The Ice queen was a very good entertainer; very nice with kids and did great face painting.  [My daughter] was very happy and impressed with the attention she got and the present. She will talk about it for a long time.  The parents were very impressed; they also believed that party was great and that the Ice Queen did a great job. They all asked how I found you and they would consider it for their kids parties as well.  Thanks again for a great day!”
“Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for helping us make such a great party today.  The Ice Queen was amazing and so very talented.  The kids all loved her.  I also appreciated how well organized and thought out everything was.  The details were all appreciated.”
“It was great! The Ice queen was really kind and had  fun activities.  The kids had fun and 1hr flew by really quickly for them.  They enjoyed all the activities and didn’t get bored at all.  Thanks for making my daughter’s birthday so special with her favourite character.”
“Thank you for the great day! The Ice Queen was amazing! My daughter loved her and she was fabulous, she was in character from the moment she arrived until she left and she was so amazing at engaging the children keeping them focused and entertained. She sure made [my daughter] feel special on her big day! I can’t say enough good about her. She was a star! “
“She was Amazing!!!!!  So wonderful, she has left us speechless.”
“We had a great time. The kids were totally awe struck by her! and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her walking all the way down the street in the pouring rain! Thanks again, the Ice Queen really was quite magical.”
“We were all super impressed. I feel like you should know that we had 7 families come, and of those parents, 10 of them (including my grandmother) are/were teachers or work with kids []. We are a hard crowd to impress when it comes to class management, engagement and inclusion. I never like to tell people that because it is just scary to walk into that. But all people wanted to talk about after the ice Queen left was how amazing she was.  The things that really stood are:
  •  She remembered and used their names (for those of us that worked at Camp […] that was huge!)
  • She asked them to sit or stand appropriately and kept them engaged in the activities the whole time
  • We had a guest who is non verbal, and not only did she talk to him and keep him smiling but when she pulled out the parachute he came running over to lay under it. She not only smiled but encouraged him to participate at his level. One of the adults who was here works as a teacher, but also as his respite worker and she cried because she was so happy to see him engage with other kids and play actively with them. The Ice Queen made the games work so that whatever he was doing with just part of the game, and he played happily and appropriately with the eternal ice balls because of how she introduced them to him. He is like a cousin to the birthday girl and its always important to us that he feels welcome, but he was more than welcome, he was included in a way that was appropriate for him and that was magic!
  • She looked at everything [my daughter] wanted to show her happily and took her time. Even when [my daughter] wanted to show her the cake she lifted [my daughter] up so she could show her the fridge, it was hilarious but made her day
  • She turned down the music when [my daugher] was getting upset that it was too loud, without us having to ask or say anything at all, she was very aware of her audience.
  • She was awesome about how the [community] triathalon screwed up the traffic, she was still early and waited (around the corner I think) until the majority of guests got here and then was super great about coming into the house slowly so none of the kids were overwhelmed. Which was awesome
  • It was just amazing how she read the group and assessed their needs without input from the adults in the room. She just totally adapted as she went. (Thats a hard thing to do, and all the teachers in the room were wicked impressed)
One of the moms (an elementary teacher) just said “I think the most impressive thing about that girl was how patient she was. She didn’t rush to pack up, she made sure every kid was included, when the first round of kids was done their face paint she went to find he other kids to make sure they didn’t want them.[One of the moms] just texted and said “We thought she was super patient and awesome with the kids, you can mention how good she was with [my son]” And I have to say, I didn’t think my nephews would be super excited or interested but she had them both dancing and playing along. The younger of the 2 (who we thought for sure wouldn’t care one way or the other) came up and gave her a huge hug while she was putting the games away. He hasn’t stopped talking about her since. Which I think is a huge reflection on her and her skills.  Sorry its so long, we just really wanted to tell you what exactly we were so impressed by because its one thing to say “wow that was great, thanks so much” but its totally different to hear what you did that made it special.”
“The party was great, and so was the Ice Queen, the kids and especially [my daughter] had so much fun! She was really excited to have her there, and she did such an amazing job entertaining the kids. :)”
“The Ice Queen was fantastic, [my daughter] was enthralled and delighted and didn’t want to leave her side the entire party. It was a wonderful experience for all the party-goers, parents included, the Ice Queen was engaging and patient with all the kids and their questions.   Please send my thanks and appreciation to the Ice Queen for making [my daughter]’s day. [My daughter] has already asked if she will be coming to [her brother]’s hockey party later this Spring.”
“The Ice Queen was fantastic, [my daughter] was enthralled and delighted and didn’t want to leave her side the entire party. It was a wonderful experience for all the party-goers, parents included, the Ice Queen was engaging and patient with all the kids and their questions. Please send my thanks and appreciation to the Ice Queen for making [my daughter]’s day. [My daughter] has already asked if she will be coming to [her brother]’s hockey party later this spring.”
“The party was exceptional!  Thanks so much.  The performer did a wonderful job and all the girls were mesmerized by her.  A few of the other moms asked for your information so I am sure it was a hit.  Thanks again. “