Pup Patrol Boy

Ryder Pup Patrol Boy
“A highlight was the Pup Patrol Boy calling and me giving the phone to my son – he was wow-ed.
They started off a little slow – but looking back that was brilliant – all of the 13 kids got on board.
Everything ramped up over the 90 mins and all the kids (and parents) had a great time.
Plus they got lots of exercise and were worn out 🙂
So both Pup Patrol actors were excellent – as was your awesome customer service throughout. I made sure to mention it to all of the other parents and any others who heard we had the Pup Patrol Boy at [my son’s] party!”
“The Pup Patrol Boy and Casey were great! We were very happy with them & the kids had a lot of fun! They did a great job at capturing their attention for the whole hour of games.”
“I just wanted to contact you and tell you how wonderful the birthday party went. The Ice Queen & the Pup Patrol Boy were HUGE hits, and I had many parents comment on how great both characters were. Two days later and my son’s favorite part of his party is having the Pup Patrol Boy come.
Thank you and your team for making his day so special!”