Snow Princess

Snow Princess in her lovely and colourful Coronation Dress in a deep curtsey
“That was above and beyond what was needed to be done! We were completely happy with the visit. The Snow Princess was AMAZING with our girls and can’t compliment her enough. She even got my husband to dance and that’s not easy! Thank you so much again! [My daughter] loved it and I have a feeling we might need to do a princess party again next year. Thanks again!”
“I have nothing but amazing things to say about the Snow Princess!! Thank you so very much for everything!”
“Everything went great on Saturday. The Snow Princess was amazing, she was wonderful with all of the children and kept them fully engaged for the entire hour. We were amazed at how well she was able to hold all of their attention. We even had a two year old in the bunch and she was paying attention the entire time. Our daughter had an amazing time and the Snow Princess made her feel very special on her birthday. I will definitely recommend you to friends and I am sure we will be calling you for some future birthday parties. Thank you!!!”
“We had such a good time with the Snow Princess! She was amazing and it made our daughter’s birthday so special.”
“The Snow Princess was amazing!!! Beyond amazing!!! She was so good with the kids and had so much energy. Every single kid at the party (even the little ones) stayed with her for the full hour and a lot of the parents even watched instead of hanging out at the food! So many of them came up to me to tell me they were amazed by her. It was a big difference from other daughter’s party earlier this year and I think the Snow Princess, her enthusiasm and her way with the kids made it great! Thank you so much again for the wonderful service. [My daughter] loved her party and I’ve never seen her participate so much in something as she’s usually quite shy. Thank you so much! Please let the Snow Princess she was wonderful!”
“On Saturday, the party was fantastic and I must say that the princesses we had were FANTASTIC. The Snow Princess was especially extraordinary. [My daughter], her friends and guests all had fun on that day. It was the best decision ever because it was all about the kids. Thank you for leading me through every step. Bless you Fairy Godmother and keep up the good work!”
“The party was great. The ladies did an exceptional job! This is our second time having the ladies in our home for [our daughter]’s birthdays. Always very professional, punctual, and attentive. Thanks for helping us make memories!”
“Both princesses were amazing! I appreciate how professional they both were and great with the children.”
“It was fabulous! She did a wonderful job and was so sweet to all of the children from the moment she walked in the door. My daughter was in shock haha but is now raving about how a princess came to her party. All of the parents were pleased and smiling as the children danced.”
“It was absolutely perfect! The girls were so excited and [my daughter] was in awe! One of the best parties we’ve ever had for sure! The Ice Queen and Snow Princess were amazing.”
“She was great!  The party went very well and the kids were thrilled.  Thanks!”