Twilight Pony

Pony parties are a great idea for kids birthday parties in Calgary

“Everything was more than I expected. [My daughter] was super excited and a great birthday.
The Twilight Pony played the role very well. I liked how she talked about the other characters and made references to events that happen in the show. The girls were all so excited to see her anyway but the interaction and stories made it feel like much more than just a dress up girl.
She made sure everyone was included in all the games (there were 2 little boys there who were not too interested to start). She managed to get some participation out of them both.
The songs and games were great and I enjoyed that I was able to take photos and watch the fun [my daughter] was having. I am usually the one running around and entertaining making sure everyone is having fun.
[My daughter] LOVED the “magic bracelet” as well and that really added to her special day. She is a huge fan of the ponies / equestrian girls and that was a wonderful gift to end the day
Thanks so much for everything and for checking in. I will definitely refer you to friends!!”