Woman of Wonder

Woman of Wonder crosses her arms in defense of Calgary crime
“The party was awesome!! The Woman of Wonder was a huge hit!!! she was in character to a T and the birthday girl after said I didn’t know the Woman of Wonder was real and I didn’t know you knew her mom!! All the girls had a blast. I have pics on my husbands phone I’ll email ASAP. “
“The party went great! The kids were so excited.” 
“The kids had a great time and I was very happy with the Spider Hero and the Woman of Wonder.  They were able to keep the kids engaged the whole time.  Thanks again!”
“[The Woman of Wonder and Pinky Pony] characters were fantastic. I cannot give you enough praise for them. Despite always wanting to have parties, [my daughter] does get overwhelmed with big groups. Yesterday was no exception, but both the characters managed it very well. In fact, they had her participating more than I have ever seen her do. So, I thank you on her behalf!”
“Thank you for everything!! The Woman of Wonder was fantastic.  The kids had a blast.  I have lots of friends asking about your company- I am definitely passing your name on!”
“She was amazing!  We all had so much fun.”