Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess with her red hair loves seashells and sea life and parties under the sea
“My daughter’s 6th birthday was even more special with the arrival of a mermaid at her birthday party! The actor not only resembled the Mermaid Princess but stayed in character throughout the entire party. The mermaid was very flexible and handled our group of children with confidence and respect.  It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the party instead of doing the entertaining myself. I would definitely hire a character or the same one from Fairy Tale Princess Party!”
“It was great!! The kids had a great time and loved playing with the princesses and even the parents enjoyed watching the fun. This was our third event  with the Mermaid Princess and I must say she impresses me every time we meet her. 🙂 [My daughter] had tons of fun and will remember it for a long time I’m sure.  We have a large basement playroom so that’s where we set up for the morning. Thanx again!”
“The Mermaid Princess was AMAZING!! [My daughter] loved her and still talks about her every day. She was so fun and the girls were entertained the whole time. She even stayed longer to watch the girls on the bouncey castle (which meant so much to them).  Other Moms at the party are already asking for your contact information. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Definitely worth every penny!”
“One word! AMAZING!!! The Mermaid Princess exceeded our expectations!! [Our daughter] was so excited that when she saw her come to the door she screamed “You came to my party!!” Priceless!”
“The Mermaid Princess was better than amazing. Making all the girls dreams come true  [My daughter] really thought she came from the theme park. She melted into her arms at the front door and never left her side. I have a feeling you will be getting more birthdays from this one.  Lol.  Thanks for everything – it was fabulous “
“We had an amazing time with the Mermaid Princess.  All of the kids loved here and she was fabulous at grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged.  She was wonderful!!”
“I’m not sure what the Mermaid Princess’ real name is but she was AMAZING! It was a fabulous party and [my daughter] was SO excited. I think she was glued to the Mermaid Princess’ side from the moment she arrived to the moment she left. Thank you so much and please pass on a special greeting and thank you to our wonderful underwater princess!”
“The Mermaid princess was amazing.  She was beautiful, very talented and stayed in character the whole time and included all the children in the activities planned. She did a phenomenal job face painting. The memory of my daughters 4th birthday will last a lifetime thank you.   My daughter is already planning her next birthday with the Cinder Princess,  lol. Thank you again.😀 “
“Thank you for coming on Saturday, it was a magical day for the kids 🙂  The Mermaid Princess was amazing.  The kids had a blast playing games, dance, and singing with her. The best money spent for a birthday ever! :)”
“[My daughter] was so very excited that the Mermaid Princess came to her birthday again! She had an absolute blast!
I would just like to say that the Mermaid Princess did an outstanding job yet again! She is so very talented and we were so very impressed at her ability to keep all children engaged and entertained, all while having fun herself! I especially enjoyed that she had a few different games over last year 🙂 and wow [my daughter]’s crowning was truly an amazing touch!”
“My goodness the Mermaid Princess was amazing! She did a fantastic job from the moment she walked to the moment she waved as she walked around the corner.  [My daughter] was said it was the best day of her life.  She many questions for the Mermaid Princess, from do you actually live in the ocean to do you have a dad.   She answered all questions no matter what they were, in character.  She made a believer out of my daughter. Other Mommies said I set the bar very high for birthday parties.”
“The Mermaid Princess made my daughters year! All the kids and their parents couldn’t stop saying nice things, it was our best party by far. Thank you very much 🙂 “
“[My daughter] absolutely loved it, and we will make sure to let other parents know, I am sure the girls talked about it at home, they all seemed very engaged, I also felt that 1 hr was perfect amount of time for that age group.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful party. The performer was amazing and my daughters were so happy. We are truly thankful for a fantastic party experience.”