Beauty Princess

“We had my daughter’s 4th birthday party this past Sunday and had a special guest – the Beauty Princess ~ she was amazing. Everyone, including the parents were involved in the games. Thank you for making a fairytale dream come true 💕💕 ” 
“The Beauty Princess was fantastic! She had the kids completely engaged for the entire party and each one of them was completely enamored with her.  She had such a gentle caring approach with them and even the older siblings were believers.  Fairy Tale Princess Party totally exceeded my expectations from start to finish.  Thanks so much – I wish I would’ve know about this for my older daughters and will be sure to let friends know how great our experience was.”
“Beauty was great! All the kids were completely engaged at the party.  This is the 8th birthday party I have planned for my kids so far and this is the best entertainment for the kids I ever had. My parents and in-laws were amazed with Beauty too! My two year old was completely mesmerized by Beauty and asked her “where is the Beast?”  and she insisted Beauty hold her the entire time! Sorry about this. Please pass along my thank you to Beauty!”
“The party went fabulous.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed the party and the Beauty Princess was lovely, kind and beautiful. Thank you again for your services.”
“The Beauty Princess was a HUGE hit!! Everyone thought she was wonderful!!”
“Thank you so much! The princesses were lovely! It was such a beautiful and memorable birthday for our whole family. Our friends were marveled and surprised as most of them did not know that the Mermaid and Beauty Princesses would be coming to our house until they arrived.”