Beauty Princess

The Beauty Princess Entertainer is one of Calgary's favorite party entertainers
“We had my daughter’s 4th birthday party this past Sunday and had a special guest – the Beauty Princess ~ she was amazing. Everyone, including the parents were involved in the games. Thank you for making a fairytale dream come true 💕💕 ” 
“The Beauty Princess was fantastic! She had the kids completely engaged for the entire party and each one of them was completely enamored with her.  She had such a gentle caring approach with them and even the older siblings were believers.  Fairy Tale Princess Party totally exceeded my expectations from start to finish.  Thanks so much – I wish I would’ve know about this for my older daughters and will be sure to let friends know how great our experience was.”
“Beauty was great! All the kids were completely engaged at the party.  This is the 8th birthday party I have planned for my kids so far and this is the best entertainment for the kids I ever had. My parents and in-laws were amazed with the Beauty Princess too! My two year old was completely mesmerized by Beauty and asked her “where is the Beast?”  and she insisted Beauty hold her the entire time! Sorry about this. Please pass along my thank you to Beauty!”
“The party went fabulous.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed the party and the Beauty Princess was lovely, kind and beautiful. Thank you again for your services.”
“The Beauty Princess was a HUGE hit!! Everyone thought she was wonderful!!”
“Thank you so much! The princesses were lovely! It was such a beautiful and memorable birthday for our whole family. Our friends were marveled and surprised as most of them did not know that the Mermaid and Beauty Princesses would be coming to our house until they arrived.”
“The princesses were fantastic! The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the adults had a great time too. I can’t believe those girls stayed in character the entire time. [My daughter] was over the moon and has already asked if she can have another party with the princesses!  I have also provided your contact information to a couple of the moms that are thinking of booking you for their own parties.”
“They were fantastic! My daughter, and all the kids, were completely enamoured with them the whole time. I will be recommending your services to others. 🙂
“The kids had a great time with the Beauty Princess & the Spider Hero and are still talking about the fun today! We hope your excellent characters weren’t too overwhelmed with the amount of kids.  A few of them needed some gentle reminders to behave, but Beauty and the Spider Hero did a great job entertaining all of them and keeping them engaged. Thanks again for the great time and wonderful memories!”
“The princess was amazing! All our guests were pleasantly surprised: adults and children! Feedback was that the party was absolutely magical and is one [my daughter] and all the children will remember forever. Can’t thank you and the performer enough for such a smooth booking process and successful event!”
“I just wanted to make sure that you pass along a giant THANK-YOU to the Beauty Princess for the AMAZING JOB she did at [my daughter’s] Birthday party. [My daughter] was in absolute AWE and loved every second. The Beauty Princess is PHENOMENAL and was fluid in her responses to the kids questions never missing a step. We were all incredibly impressed and happy with how magical she made the afternoon.”
“It was fantastic having the Beauty princess visit [my daughter]’s party.  All the girls were super excited, and she was so wonderful with them (and the parents as well!)!  The interactions were above and beyond what I expected.  Thanks for all your help.  You and the Beauty princess made this a very memorable birthday for [my daughter], and for us as well!”
“We had an awesome party on Sunday.  The Beauty Princess was fantastic and had quite the following of a gaggle of girls.  I think my daughter would have followed her home, if she could have! Anyway, hats off to the Beauty Princess as she really engaged the kids and was in character the whole time.  We really enjoyed the service and have recommended it to friends.  I am also pretty sure that all of the parents at the party were duly impressed so hopefully there will be some future business in it for you/Beauty Princess :)”
“The party was amazing! [My daughter] was so shocked – the look on her face was priceless.  The Beauty Princess was so good with the kids. They were mesmerized with her stories and games and couldn’t stop giving hugs. Even the little boys (including my almost 8 yr old son!) stayed and listened and participated. It made the party so much more enjoyable as a parent :)”
“Everything was great! All the kids and their parents had a great time. The Beauty Princess was awesome…she played with them, they danced and she had the nice idea to play in the backyard. We just enjoyed every moment. Thank you for making [my daughter]’s party so special. Have a nice day”
“Yes! Thank-you so much for arranging to have the Beauty Princess help with my proposal last week. It was absolutely FANTASTIC, I could not have asked for a better performance to help make this occasion as special as it was. The Ranche and the Stampede were fun, but having the Beauty Princess as a part of the event made everything incredibly momentous.  Thanks so much again for helping with my special day.”
“I wanted to provide you with some positive feedback. The Beauty Princess who came to our daughters 4th birthday last Sunday was truly amazing. Everyone loved her. This was our second year in a row having one of your princesses attend our bday party. “
“Dearest Fairy Godmother and Beauty Princess, Thank you so much for making [my daughter]’s day the most magical it could possibly be!! All of the children were glowing from such a special time. This day will not soon be forgotten.❤
“Thank you for a wonderful birthday party. [My daughter] went to bed with stars in her eyes and all of the kids had such a magical time. Thank you! I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the party!”
“The princess was excellent…the girls loved her and it was a wonderful birthday party.”