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Calgary's wind is helping Girl who is Super Fly
Girl who is Super is punching the Calgary sky confidentally
The Girl Who is Super's cape blows in the Calgary wind

Girl who is super

Take your party into the sky with this girl who is super!

Captain America in a Calgary forest holding his shield

American hero

Have this american hero at your next party for boys or girls!

Invisible Violet is an incredible addition to any birthday celebration
Invisible Superhero is shy to start but then is one of the most outgoing at birthday parties

Invisible Violet

Fun for the whole family, this invisible hero loves to host parties!

Daughter of the Mal Queen, she is not averse to being evil
The Evil Mal Fairy's daughter winks at her fans
Little Girls adore the appearance of this actor as Mal Queen's Daughter

Mal Queen’s Daughter

Superhero, more like supervillain! This girl loves to stir the pot and dance with new friends!

Spider Hero Children's Entertainer in the Calgary area
Calgary's Spider Hero simplifies your birthday party planning for boy parties
Spider hero making his great escape to a Calgary birthday party via a log.
Spider Hero is happy to show his web making skills at boy and girl birthday parties
Spider Hero and Galactic Warrior and Calgary lightsaber
Discussing what superheros do for training to keep crime at bay and to attend birthday parties
The best superheroes are those who take the time out of their busy schedules to make birthday appearances
Superhero training with Calgary's Spider Hero Man
Calgary's Spider Hero was delighted to meet all of his superhero fans
Spider Hero

Spider Hero

Our Spider hero is perfect for your party today! Shoot some webs, or wear a mask with this character around!

Defense Pose of the Wonder of Wonder in Calgary tall grass
Woman of Wonder stands confidently in Calgary's long grass. She is ready for the next birthday
Woman of Wonder walking down a path with her modest costume she uses for parties

Woman of Wonder

The woman of wonder if a great way to connect with the boys and girls at your next event!

Bat Hero running to save the day on a Calgary path
The Bat Hero of Calgary standing tall and proud
Closeup of the Calgary Bat Hero
Bat Hero

Bat Hero

Our bat hero is ready for his next mission: to have the best party ever!

Two step into this Toy Cowgirl's boots at children's Calgary Stampede events
Round 'em up! Ya haw... rather Ya hoo when you're in Calgary!
The Toy Cowgirl knows to to have fun and is popular with girls and boys alike at birthday parties
Toy Cowgirl Jess knows how to entertain kids at Calgary Stampede events!
Toy Cowgirl

Toy Cowgirl

Have the toy cowgirl and her friend for your next stampede event!

Ninja Performers for Kids Birthday Appearance in Calgary


Looking for a character that has a mask built in to the character? Look no further! Our ninjas are a great addition to any party!


Looking for a custom character?

Fairy Tale Princess Party provides high quality characters based on the fairytales and stories we all know and love. Any similarity to copyrighted characters is incidental.