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Miscellaneous Characters

The Girl Space Warrior is a fierce defender and is happy to pass on her skills to children of all ages.
This Girl Space Warrior can take on the dark side
Galactic Warrior and Scavenger from the Space Wars themed Candy Cane Gala for the Alberta Children's Hospital

Girl Space Warrior

This character is perfect for any outer space themed party you may be having!

Space warriors bring their light sabres to a party
Boys and girls birthdays are the most fun with a galactic warrior who has travelled far from deep space for a visit
Star Warrior with a light saber in Calgary
After some space travel, the Galactic Warrior always looks forward to attending a birthday party

Galactic Warrior

Have the galactic warrior at any outer space event!

Galactic Princess from the Space Wars from far away stars for Calgary birthday party entertainement
Calgary Space Princess character for wars of stars
Galactic Princess comes to Calgary to bring space warrior magic
Galactic Princess

Galactic Princess

The galactic princess enjoys any event that includes the stars!

Pink Troll Princess Actor standing in Calgary Forest
Pink troll princess hugging

Troll Princess

Our troll princess loves making new friends and learning new songs.

Daughter of the Mal Queen, she is not averse to being evil
Little Girls adore the appearance of this actor as Mal Queen's Daughter
The Evil Mal Fairy's daughter winks at her fans
Girls love to have the Mal Queen's Daughter at their party with all of her sassiness!

Mal Queen’s Daughter

This daughter is sometimes nice, sometimes evil. Either way, she loves to dance and meet new people!

The Mal Queen standing proudly in her black gown
This Queen cast a spell on the Sleeping Princess
Mal Queen
The Queen who put a malificent spell on young princess Sleeping Princess that cast her into a deep sleep of 100 years on her 16th birthday

Mal Queen

This queen is excellent for your halloween, or evil themed party! Perfect for boys and girls.

Ninja Performers for Kids Birthday Appearance in Calgary


Don’t want to make a character wear a mask? This character is perfect for today’s parties.

Fashion Doll Impersonator looking lost in Calgary forest
Fashion Doll perfection at Calgary girl birthdays
Fashion Doll Boy loves to attend Calgary birthday parties
All dressed in pink, Calgary's Fashion Doll makes birthday appearances super fun
Calgary's Fashion Doll's favorite colour is pink and birthday party cakes and cupcakes. She has many different careers and loves fashion.

Fashion Doll

This doll has so many talents and careers, she is sure to be a big hit among your guests!

Calgarian Hawaiian Hula Dancer for beach parties
Calgary has hidden gems of Hawaiian Dancers who love to entertain at kids' parties
We provide Hawaiian and Polynesian hula dancers for Beach Themed parties and events for kids

Hula Dancer

Add this dancer to any polynesian party to liven up the event!

Calgary's Best Easter Bunny mascot hopping around the forest and malls hiding eggs and chocolate for all the boys and girls.
Easter Bunny at Calgary's North Hill Mall


Don’t be late for any important dates with this bunny around!

Alice sitting after a tea party
Alice in Wonderland sitting with a cup of tea at a Mad Hatter themed party
Looking for tea party ideas for a girls birthday party? Invite Alice in Wonderland!


Our wonderland characters are not complete without some tea.

The Queen of Hearts looks at the subjects around her and wishes she could get rid of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's silly antics.
Calgary Red Queen loves birthday tea parties
Red Queen of Hearts

Red Queen of Hearts

A great addition to your wonderland themed party!

Calgary's Cheshire Cat is a great addition to any tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter


This wonderland cat adds the biggest smiles to your event!

Calgary's classic Mad Hatter children's character is a hilarious addition to any celebration
The Mad Hatter is a fun crazy character for Calgary tea birthday parties.
Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Don’t forget the tea for your mad hatter at the next wonderland event!

Baby Spice Impersonator for Calgary Birthdays
Baby Spice Impersonator for Calgary Birthdays
Baby Spice


Spice up your next event with some baby pink spice character!

The Pink Haired Pony loves to eat birthday cake and pie at Calgary celebrations for kids.
Calgary's Pinky Pony is an expert at birthday parties! She loves the power of friendship and is always happy to cross the magic portal to visit girls and boys in Calgary
My favorite ponies are the best entertainment for calgary birthday parties.
Friendship ponies have all of the best games and activities for birthday fans.

Pink Pony

Have this pony and all her friends at your next event!

Rainbow Pony about to dash to a birthday party to be the guest of honor
Rainbow Pony

Rainbow Pony

You can’t go wrong with anything rainbow themed at your child’s party!

Twilight Pony loves equestrian games and playing with her fellow ponies and horses that value friendship
Pony parties are a great idea for kids birthday parties in Calgary
Twilight Pony

Twilight Pony

Complete the trio with twilight and her two friends.

Frankie Monster standing by her High School hang out with all of the Calgary ghouls

Frank Monster

Want a friendly zombie at your next party? Look no further!

Laura Monster on a Calgary pathway
Laura Monster posing with her pink hair
Laura Monster

Laura Monster

Grab your pom-poms and dance with Laura and her friends!

Lady Poppins tipping her hat, approving of all of the birthday festivities.
Pirates aren't the only ones to have pet parrots! Calgary's Lady Poppins has one of the friendliest and best behaved parrots.

Lady Poppins

Tip your hat to Lady Poppins. She is ready to add a spoonful of sugar to any party!


Looking for a custom character?

Fairy Tale Princess Party provides high quality characters based on the fairytales and stories we all know and love. Any similarity to copyrighted characters is incidental.