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Fairies & pirates

Fairies & pirates

Calgary's Frost Fairy loves to attend fairy parties and show off her frozen skills
The Frost Fairy is more comfortable in the land of ice and snow, but she likes to visit Calgary
The Frost Fairy and Forest Fairy receive an enthusiastic hug from the birthday girl

Frost Fairy

Have the Frost fairy, Animal fairy, and Forest fairy join together for a full fairy party!

Animal Fairy looking up with her foot up, happy to have seen a fawn
Character Visits from the Animal Fairy are perfect for Calgary birthdays
The Animal Fairy looks up and down for baby animals like fawns.
Animal Fairy

Animal Fairy

Gather all the friends together for a fairy party with all Forest fairy’s friends!

Forest Fairy sitting on a log in a Calgary wooded area
Forest Fairy showing off her flying wings before taking flight to get to a fairy-themed birthday party
Sassy Forest Fairy lifts up her foot

Forest Fairy

Have the Forest fairy for your kid’s birthday and let them play in the pixie dust!

Girl Pirate passes on her love of the oceans and of sailing at Calgary birthday parties with an ocean theme
Arrrrgh Matey! Have a girl pirate attend your party!

Generic Girl Pirate

Aarrrrg Matey – Sail away with this pirate friend and have a whale of a time!

The Fairy Godmother is dressed in pink and blue and performs magic. Perfect as a second character for Cinder Princess parties for birthday parties.
Princess Characters and Prince at the Rainbow Society Daddy's Little Sweetheart Ball at the Carriage House Inn

Fairy Godmother

A perfect addition to your magical party! Have the Fairy Godmother spread joy with your little ones.

Generic Green Fairy is perfect for adding magic to fairy-themed birthday parties.
Generic Green Fairy with her delicate white wings before a Calgary children's event to celebrate the changing of the seasons.
Generic Green Fairy

Generic Green Fairy

Sparkle and shine with fairies at your next party! We have both pink and green options!

The Neverland boys are not complete without Peter Pan
Peter Pan is friends with Wendy and loves to attend parties with the fairies.

Peter Pan

Relish in your youth with Peter Pan! No longer feel like a lost boy with Peter at your next party!

Jacob the Pirate is the life of the party
Pirate Jacob is happy to make a birthday visit to ensure all kids are having fun at Calgary events
Jacob Boy Pirate
Jake is a famous Boy Pirate who is ready to make an appearance at your boys birthday party. He will train all to be the next generation of Calgary pirates.

Jacob Boy Pirate

Ahoy! Having a sailing theme? Jacob boy pirate is a fantastic way to entertain the kiddos!

Ahoy Matey! Look out for Calgary's best pirate!
Pirate Activity and Games galore for boys and girls to keep them engaged at Calgary parties
Happy Pirate ready to take on the next boys' birthday party.

Generic Boy Pirate

Looking for treasure? Look no further! Pirates bring all the fun and games to your next event!

The generic Ice and Snow Princess is perfect for corporate family events for children
Best for Corporate events, here is Calgary's Generic Snow and Ice Princess
Generic Snow and Ice Princess
Generic Ice and Snow Princess at the Southcentre Kids Event

Generic Winter Fairy

Having a winter event? The winter fairy loves to spread sparkle and cheer at any party!

Generic Pink Fairy is an entertainer for children's corporate events
The Generic Pink Fairy in the Calgary forest ready to fly off to the best children's party.
Generic Pink Fairy with pink flowers in her hair and white wings
Generic Pink Fairy

Generic Pink Fairy

Have the pink or green fairy bring their joy to your next party!

Elves and the Sugar Plum Fairy are highly recommended as entertainment at holiday events.
The Sugar Plum Fairy at Southcentre Mall
Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker at Calgary's Southcentre
Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker having a lime green pom pom fight
Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker at Calgary's Southcentre
Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker ready for the camera!

Sugar Plum Fairy

The sugar plum fairy is perfect for your corporate Christmas events, meeting Santa, or a winter party. Make your wishes come true with the sugar plum!


Looking for a custom character?

Fairy Tale Princess Party provides high quality characters based on the fairytales and stories we all know and love. Any similarity to copyrighted characters is incidental.