Princess Characters and Prince at the Rainbow Society Daddy's Little Sweetheart Ball at the Carriage House Inn

Rainbow Society Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball 2016

Entering the breathtaking ballroom with their dads, the little girls were amazed to find so much fun for them at the Rainbow Society’s Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball this year.  This is Fairy Tale Princess Party’s third year sponsoring the event.  There was facepainting, balloon twisting, hair bling, crafts and interactive princess and prince characters for[…]

Little Mermaid and Mermaid table at Rainbow Society Gala

Fairy Tale Princess Party is pleased to announce that the Little Mermaid and a ROLLING mermaid table will be at the Rainbow Society of Alberta’s Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball on Saturday, March 2nd, 2014 at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta.  This year, the gala will feature an “Under the Sea” theme, perfect for a[…]