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4 Year Old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

“Where do you live?”

“ In a castle.”

“Did you hear that, she lives in a castle!”

Moms all showed that they loved to dance at this party and they danced with all of the princes and princesses and even danced Gangham style.  One prince showed us all of the moves:  disco moves, crab walk, and we all learnt a special fire truck move.

In a casual discussion about rides at amusement park, Sleeping Beauty discovered that the log ride is MUCH MORE fun than the roller coaster.

One prince performed downward dog for all of the pictures.

The birthday cake was a castle.  It was the largest pink and purple castle birthday cake Sleeping Beauty had ever seen and it was so large, she could have moved in!  It even had an aluminum moat.

The birthday girl was VERY helpful, she loved the fast ball dance and jumped up and down when she received a gift from Sleeping Beauty.