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6 yr old Birthday Party with Sleeping Beauty

This was a very cozy, intimate party with 5 princesses.

Sleeping Beauty was grilled with princess questions.  One of the princesses shared with everyone that she had a pet snake name Medusa.  Another princess modeled her beautiful wild red curly princess hair for everyone.  Rapunzel was the birthday girl’s favorite princess.  These princesses were over and beyond well mannered!  Very well versed in ‘please’, ‘may I’ and thank you’!

At the ball, Sleeping Beauty learn how to wipe the car, milk the cow, and perform gangham –style horse riding moves while singing “Hey, Sexy Lady.”

No Cinderella fans in this crowd of princesses – no one picked a Cinderella sticker.  One princess plunked herself in the window when princess Sleeping Beauty left to wave goodbye and blew kisses;

Princess Sleeping Beauty got to go back to her castle with a LOOT BAG!

Sleeping Beauty's Loot Bag with Goodies
Sleeping Beauty was Floored to go back to her castle with her VERY OWN LOOT BAG