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A Surprise Princess Birthday Party

This was the first time that Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid had been invited to a surprise princess birthday party!  The birthday girl was dressed in a BEAUTIFUL pink gown, sporting a princess crown and a princess sash.  We can only imagine the ruse that was played on her to execute the surprise:  “Honey, let’s leave now to go to your party…. Wait, we first have to stop at the mall to get some supplies…Wait, what is going on in the community room?  SURPRISE!  AND… There are Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid too to entertain you and your guests!  Is this not the best day EVER?”  Clearly, the birthday girl was very pleasantly shocked when she realized that everyone was there to celebrate her birthday and she reacted just like a perfect princess and made all of her guests feel welcome 🙂

The party started with singing Happy Birthday, blowing out the candles and then the fun and games began!  There were a whopping 35 kids at the party with an equal mix of boys and girls. There were so many kids that there wasn’t enough room on the parachute to have everyone hold the parachute with both hands!  That made parachute time even more fun!  When it was time to dance, everyone LOVED to dance and the birthday room was transformed into a ballroom with dancing parents and kids.   Because Princess Little Mermaid was dancing with her human feet, she was asked to criss-cross her heart and promise that she was a real mermaid.  The time went by so quickly and then it was already time to go, but not before having professional pictures taken with the birthday child and her family under the balloon arch.  What a great surprise party!