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Summer Family Picnic with a Princess in Rubber Boots

Princess Cinderella went to a summer picnic today!  It had rained all week, so she came prepared for soggy ground with pretty rubber boots; it was a little chilly too so she came with a sweater, scarf and shawl!  There was lots of entertainment for the kids from fuze ENTERTAINMENT:  a magician, Spiderman, and two world renowned facepainters:  Lucie Brouillard and Liz Small.  There were tents with bubble blowing, lawn bowling, toddler roller coaster carts, carnival games and family mini golf.  Lots of fun to be had by all!

Cinderella Showing off her Robber Boots ready for soggy fields at the picnic

Princess Cinderella has traded glass slippers for pretty rubber boots – ready for soggy fields!