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Cinderella Attends the Acadia Community Collective

Cinderella was invited to help celebrate the Acadia Community Collective held in the parking lot of Ten Thousand Villages in Calgary.  There were many fun activities, booths to visit, and food to sample!    Cinderella had many pictures taken at the event and she found out all about the great things that can be found throughout the community of Acadia.

Cinderella at the Acadia Community Collective Event
Princess Cinderella at the Calgary’s Acadia Community Collective

Cinderella found out all about the mini-libraries that can be found throughout the community.  She really hoped that she could find a story about herself in the mini-library house that was on display, but she discovered that she will have to come back later and leave a book about her story so that others can share it!

Cinderella was treated to potato chips on a stick!  These potato sticks were at the food truck appropriately called SPUD MOBEEL.  Here is a picture of Cinderella with Steven Wills, the owner and  a picture of Cinderella trying the spiral chips – What amazing potato culinary art!

Princess Cinderella meeting Steven Wills
Princess Cinderella outside the Spud Mobeel Food Truck
Cinderella trying Sour Cream and Onion Spiral Chips
Princess Cinderella sampling the Amazing Spiral Chips

Did you know that Acadia has a community garden?  Cinderella found out that it grows kale, potatoes and CABBAGE!  Here is a picture of Cinderella with a beautiful cabbage from the community garden:

Princess Cinderella holding produce from the Community Garden
Princess Cinderella holding Cabbage from Acadia Community Garden

Ten Thousand Villages had a wonderful display of fair trade products and had sample treats of fair trade chocolate and dried fruit for everyone to  try.  It was all delicious!  Many people were wandering in the store to see the other fair trade goods that were available.

Princess Cinderella with the fair trade food display outside Ten Thousand Villages Calgary
Princess Cinderella with the lovely Angela Riether, Manager of Ten Thousand Villages by the display of fair trade food

There was a table with many kids’ activities.  Children were very busy making buttons (with fancy pieces of MYLAR), applying temporary tattoos and drawing.  One wasp fell in love with one of the small children’s drawings which made the child scream and flee the scene, which in turn scared the wasp!

Looking forward to this event next year!