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Cinderella and Snow White in Kananaskis

Cinderella and Snow White made it to Kananaskis despite the extreme cold, a weather warning, and the RCMP cautioning people not to use the highways.  It was a slow going ride in the carriage but completely worth it! Cinderella and Snow White were invited to face paint at a spectacular family party in Kananaskis.  There were so many things for the kids to do.  There were carnival games, electronic games, many many many animal balloons, movies to watch, even marshmallow roasting on an open fire outside.  The princesses met many wonderful kids.  They transformed many kids’ faces into butterflies, snowmen, bat men, candy canes, snakes, spiders and tigers.  After the party, Cinderella and Snow White were stopped in the hallway to take pictures with an adorable baby boy and his family!  That just made their day 🙂

Princesses ready to face paint children's faces
Snow White and Cinderella ready to face paint kids