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Father’s Day Birthday Party

With unpredictable story weather, it was a happy surprise to have beautiful perfect weather for a 4 year old girl’s birthday party.

From the moment the birthday girl opened the front door to reveal Cinderella at her door step to the end of the party,  it was nothing but oodles of fun.  The birthday girl’s friends and brother were all dressed up in their princess and knight finest.  Cinderella was very happy to meet everyone and even happier to find a 3 year old princess guest named Cinderella at the party too!

Every party is unique and at this lovely afternoon princess party, Cinderella admired all of the crowns that the princesses wore.  These were beautiful crowns made of headbands covered in pink ribbon and threaded with purple lace.  What a wonderful craft to make at a princess party to have crowns for all of the princesses to wear!  These were very sophisticated and elegant crowns and Cinderella wished that her headband was outfitted with the same beautiful purple lace to match!

Near the end of the party, the knight and princesses insisted that Cinderella join in on the fun by playing the parachute washing machine game.  Having never had the chance to personally experience this activity, Cinderella finally got to giggle and scream with the kids as the human-operated washing machine was set in motion.  Now she knows why the activity is so much fun!

Cinderella didn’t want to leave this great party, but when it was finally time to go, she was treated with the discovery of an adventurous knight who had taken on the daring role of covering himself with superhero stickers.  What fun!  Hopefully, the knight’s mother manages to extricate him from his sticky cocoon in time for their family vacation 🙂 (or perhaps a call to a fairy godmother will be necessary!)