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Princess Little Mermaid Facepainting Birthday Party

A princess party!  Princess Little Mermaid was very excited to be part of a 5 year old princess birthday party in Calgary.  The birthday girl was a perfect princess and made sure that all of her guests felt welcome during the whole celebration.  All of the guests were dressed in their finest dresses and the princesses spent a wonderful afternoon playing games, enjoying puppetry and storytelling and having their faces painted (and one hand).  Princess Little Mermaid’s favorite moment was when she painted the hand of one of the little princesses and the little princess wanted to see her painted hand in the handheld mirror!

Picture of Princess Little Mermaid after a 5-year old Facepainting Princess Birthday Party
Picture of Princess Little Mermaid after the 5 year old Calgary Facepainting Princess Birthday Party with facepaint all up her sleeve, but very happy 🙂