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Princess Cinderella at Face Painting Birthday Party

Princess Cinderella had the delight of being invited to a 2nd year old princess party yesterday for a VERY mature 2 year old who was as cute as a button and enthusiastic about everything.  When the birthday girl walked into the living room,  Cinderella was greeted with the biggest smile and a GREAT BIG hug.  It was a really fun party with lots of special moments.  The birthday girl shook with excitement at the green slipper that she picked out for one of the games.  She dazzled all the guests with her groovy moves to birthday party music.  Thanks to the birthday girl’s older sister, everyone at the party learned how to dance the shuffle with style and the guest prince at the party showed off very fancy footwork.   Princess Cinderella face painted butterflies, ferocious tigers, silver wolves and rockets on the children.  The birthday girl in her characteristic enthusiasm exclaimed that she would help face paint too by saying:  “I do, I do!”.  Before the end of the party, the birthday girl had decided that she had had enough of her wearing her costume and traded in her party dress for a more leisurely t-shirt and diaper ensemble.  Her mother expertly managed to convince her to trade in the new ensemble for her original party dress again for pictures with Cinderella and her friends and family.