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Princess Snow White and Valentine at the Westwinds Music Society

Yesterday was the Westwinds Music Society annual spring concert at Parkland’s amazing Park 96. Princess Snow White was invited to attend and entertain the kids at the event at the kids’ entertainment tent. Also at the tent were Valentine, the amazing facepainter, and Professor Vito, the talented balloon artist. The music was fabulous and Snow White was unexpectedly invited up on stage, not once, but twice to dance with little fans to add a splash of yellow, red and blue waltzing and twirling to the fairy tale inspired music selections. A great big thanks to Princesses Honour, Imogen and Sarah for joining Snow White on stage!

The weather was perfect for an outdoor event like this one and perfect for outdoor birthday parties like the ones at the park that got a surprise visit from Snow White!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Princess Snow White and Princess Sarah at Westwinds
Princess Snow White finding out all about Princess Sarah’s cats


Valentine Facepainting Child
Valentine Facepainting Child

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