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Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel Birthday Party

Princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel went to a fabulous party!  The birthday girl who was celebrating her 5th birthday was dressed as Sleeping beauty and her sister was dressed as Rapunzel.

Instead of playing in the rain, the birthday party was held in a lovely gym at the Auburn Bay Community Centre.  The gym was set up with lots of fun things to play with such as basketball hoops, hockey nets and scooters.  The princesses Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel set up their activities in the gym.  Then, the kids ate birthday cupcakes in cupcake cups that looked like crowns and had marshmallows that were decorated just like pink cupcakes with sprinkles on top.  They ate at a royally long table, fit for princesses and princes.  After their snack, the children enjoyed having their faces painted.   At the party, the most popular face painting designs were purple and pink butterflies, unicorns and superhero faces.  The kids put on a fun twist to the face paint designs by adding pink tongues to butterflies and green tongues to puppy dog faces.

One princess ran up and gave Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel kisses before leaving.  The birthday girl and her sister were absolutely adorable.  One prince in attendance at the party was very brave as he made it to the party despite coming from the hospital after breaking his arm.  Rapunzel’s favorite moment was when the birthday girl’s sister agreed that yes she was indeed 20 years old.

The birthday girl’s mom had gone to great lengths to accommodate the large number of invited guests and to make sure that everybody had lots of fun.