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Three Year Old Birthday Party with Cinderella

Despite feeling under the weather, the birthday girl was very sociable and personable.  Her mother had been afraid that her birthday party would have to be postponed, but the birthday girl made a remarkable recovery for her special day (which Cinderella couldn’t be more excited about).

Cinderella was greeted at the door by the birthday girl in a matching blue gown.  As she entered into the beautiful castle, she discovered that this was a very, very, very popular party. There were MANY, knights, kings, queens, fairy godmothers and other princesses at this party!

Although princesses should be prepared for everything, Cinderella discovered that she was truly not prepared for all unusual questions asked of the party princesses and princes.  At this party, in polite conversation, Cinderella was asked by a curious prince this question:

“Have you seen my armpits?”

Finding herself not knowing how to answer, Cinderella was quite speechless and the little prince in a long sleeve dress shirt who had asked the question proceeded to lift up his arms to show everyone his armpits.  It was a wonderful icebreaker and made all of the children and Cinderella laugh!

The birthday girl’s mom was found to be a true artist with cake decorating as the birthday cake was spectacular.  The birthday girl’s mom had decorated the cake with intricate figurines of Cinderella and her mice friends made entirely out of icing.

While leaving, Cinderella noticed the amazing party favors with personalized labels that were beautifully crafted by the birthday girl’s mom.   It was so impressive and an inspiration to anyone else who is looking for great party favor ideas.  Here is a picture of the amazing party favor that was handed to all of the guests along with princess stickers:

Update:  April 2016:  It seems as those this picture of the amazing party favor has vanished!!  So here is a description instead because it was just such a fantastic favor, but of course the description might not give the favor full justice!  It was a chocolate bar that the mom had relabeled with her own princess label with the birthday girl on the front and thanking guests for coming to the party.  On the back, the ingredients were listed and they were the cutest descriptors of what the birthday girl was all about (her interests and her personality traits) and there was also a nutritional breakdown with the calories listed as 100% fun of course!   The labels had been made with a lot of humour and were very memorable 🙂